Legislative Summit Tentative Schedule of Activities

The Legislative Summit is fast approaching.  We are looking forward to an intensive and productive legislative development effort in the life of our church. Our charge is to work collaboratively to craft legislation that will positively impact the administrative discipline of the A.M.E. Zion Church.

We will gather from across Zion at the South Atlantic Kenneth Monroe Transformation Center in Rock Hill, S.C., November 7-9, 2018.  If you love Zion, then make the sacrifice to come and participate in the process for improving the administrative practices and procedures of the A.M.E. Zion Church.

Being fully aware that the process for dispatching resolutions flows through the Annual Conference Resolutions Committee, our task at the Legislative Summit will serve as a means to write and highlight IMLA sponsored resolutions that will be directed by persons who are associated with the selected Annual Conference Resolutions Committee. The process is outlined in The Legislative Flowchart (see page 339 2016 Book of Discipline).  The IMLA sponsored Resolutions will no longer be directed through the Executive Board of the Connectional Lay Council, as was the previous practice.

The Legislative Summit’s work is not intended to supplant the process that has been approved by the General Conference, but to offer opportunity for highlighting areas that may need addressing as well, which might ordinarily be inadvertently omitted.  The summit provides an opportunity for representatives across the denomination to discuss in detail each resolution while simultaneously bring clarity to the Resolutions process as a whole. 

Dr. Mary Matthews, our planning team and I look forward to your presence, abilities, recommendations and time together in November as we work collaboratively to further aid Zion in being an even more cohesive and powerful “Freedom Church”.


Dr. Anthony Witherspoon

Dr. Mary Matthews

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